sounding whale 2


A whale, torn deep by the harpoon

and roped to the hunters who would bring it down,

sounds deep into the darkness. Escape is the first impulse…

deny them of their prize.


At four hundred feet the pain is still there. At six hundred…deeper still.

At eight hundred something gives…changes for the better.

The surface calls… The hunters wait.

Breach…. And plunge again. They are gone.


I plunge.  I sound the depths.

The pain is there but not like it was.

The scar persists but the wound is healed.

And yet, the memory is sharp.


I plunge. I sound the depths. I breach.

Humpback Whale Breaching @ Sunset Composite Se Ak



E Pluribus Unum: What Would MLK Do?

e pluribus unimMartin Luther King, Jr. has been gone almost forty-eight years and there is no one quite like him today in America. There were some who stepped up over the years and spoke out but today we really don’t have anyone of his stature who can serve as a voice and conscience of America. I think he would have his hands full if he was alive today. We have many who will stand and spread an opposite message who simply do not know right from wrong.

It seems that a certain ugliness of spirit has overtaken us in recent years. Right now it is manifest in the political ranting of Donald Trump and a few others. Privileged voices speak out against those they wish to blame for imagined threats and petty grievances. Last year I recall Al Sharpton complaining about the skin pigment of Oscar nominees. The “Black Lives Matter” slogan ignites all sorts of debate and demagoguery on all sides. Trump and his kind think that if only we could deport the illegal aliens, block all Muslims from entering the country and threaten our real or imagined enemies with annihilation  we would be better off. The privileged class in America, whether economically privileged or racially privileged, feels threatened and those among them with the money or power to do so are manipulating the others with fear and unfounded rumors.

We frequently hear people complaining about “political correctness” and saying that they will have none of it. They are willing to insult and make crude comments about anyone or anything. It gives them a feeling of power to degrade someone else. Political correctness is nothing more than civility.

The deep-seated fear and anger that has taken root in the country seems different to me from what we once recognized as basic intolerance or racial bias. We have had that for centuries and God knows it has been a thorn in our side from the very beginning and has erupted in horrible and bloody ways. What we have now is something very mean-spirited and hard to define. There is a loss of civility and a willingness to embrace hatred and even overt acts of violence.  We have seen people murdered in churches, mosques burned, attacks on Planned Parenthood clinics with people killed,  and now a ridiculous armed gang occupying a bird sanctuary.

We had that kind of violence in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement. People were killed and churches were bombed or burned. Peaceful protests were attacked by mobs and police dogs. Back then, much of the problem was institutionalized racial bias in the South and northern cities and elsewhere. There was something identifiable that was wrong that had to be fixed and people moved to fix it. Leaders like Martin Luther King were able to frame the discussion and move things toward a resolution.

Now we are hearing of all sorts of alleged and imagined evils that often do not exist or do not exist nearly at the level that would require the anger and hatred that we are seeing. There are popular voices that keep spreading this fear and building on the anger. They are doing this for a reason and are benefiting somehow by stirring up this hatred. President Obama is, of course, an easy target for several reasons and it comes with the job. There are many other targets and many outlandish claims being made. There are real problems and there are grievances but these false complaints and outlandish claims divert attention away from them.

I occasionally hear statements, accompanied by hand wringing, that white people will be the minority in the United States in just a few decades. I have news for you…white people are already the minority in many parts of the country and all is well.  Non-white people have the same values and life goals as white people. They want to work, have families, live in a decent home and have their kids live safe and healthy lives and get a good education. What is wrong with that? That is not a radical departure from what white people want…it is the same thing.

I recently drove across northern Arizona and scanned the radio for something to listen to. My car radio settled on a Christian station with a call-in talk show. In about four minutes of listening I learned that all “progressives” were friends and supporters of ISIS and supported terrorists; the Roman Catholic hierarchy was so old and feeble that they didn’t recognize that the younger priests were communists and were recruiting communists to fill the seminaries; Methodists in particular and other protestant churches were also riddled with communists; and the Jesuits are all communist agents. This  all was broadcast out for public consumption before the call-in portion of the show started — just to set the tone. This was the insane agenda of the commentator in charge of the radio show. You have to wonder where this person got these ideas, where he came from, who is paying for this program to be aired and how did it get on a Christian radio station. Some people will hear these outlandish statements and believe they are true. I have a retired friend who was an educator and has a masters degree. She became so convinced that the Census Bureau was a secret arm of ACORN that she refused to participate in the 2010 census. When a census taker was sent out to her home she threatened him with violence and chased him off her property and then proceeded to brag about how she had taken a stand against Obama.

It is time to stop this foolishness. In March of 1865, while we were still engaged in a horrific civil war, Abraham Lincoln was faced with what he surely knew would be a reunified nation not at peace with itself but filled with hatred and a thirst for retaliation in an uneasy state of military enforced order. He offered these words in his Second Inaugural Address:

“With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.”

Let us move forward together into the unknown because we are able to overcome. We have done so before. We are E Pluribus Unum. If anyone says otherwise, they are wrong.

     *     *     *



The Latest Field Test of Conventional Weapons

The business of warfare  is racing ahead unchecked and with no apparent end other than to create massive profits and keep the arms buying frenzy at a fever pitch. Some years back, probably in or around 1985, I was listening to some broadcast discussion of the arms race. The focus was on arms producers and how they market their military hardware at huge international trade shows. I think the trade show that they were visiting was in Europe…maybe Paris but I don’t recall exactly. Anyway, they were looking at the way competing companies hawked their products and tried to show that their products were much better and efficient than their competitors.

What they are talking about, then and now, is how efficient their products can eliminate or disable enemy soldiers or infrastructure. This could be by outright killing them on the battlefield or by drowning them at sea by sinking a ship. It could be by disabling the enemy’s command and control center or by disrupting lines of communication or transportation. I’m sure that in this age of technology there are ways of eliminating or disabling an enemy that we can’t even begin to imagine. This is all done in a clean and detached marketing approach.

I recall one of the phrases used back in 1985 to promote a manufacturer’s weapons. The marketing claim was that the product that they were selling, I think it was a missile, performed better than any similar product during “the latest field test of conventional weapons”.  That sounds innocent enough and we might think that they are talking about some sort of controlled test. What they were talking about and referring to as a “field test” was the Falklands War.

The Falklands War was one of those senseless conflicts that really could be handled without a lot of bloodshed but that was not the case. Granted, it was not a super high casualty conflict — total deaths reached 900 — but it was an interesting display of military weaponry. Over one-third of the war casualties died with the sinking of the Argentine cruiser, the ARA General Belgrano, a WW-II era former US ship originally called the USS Phoenix. There were 323 sailors lost. The ship was the first ship sunk during hostile action by a nuclear powered submarine…in this case the British submarine Conqueror.  As retaliation, the Argentine Air Force sank the British destroyer, HMS Sheffield, with an Exocet missile (20 sailors lost). The Exocet is a French missile acquired by the Argentine military, probably connected in some way to one of the arms shows.  So among other things during this “field test of conventional weapons” we saw a refurbished WW-II era cruiser sunk by a state of the art nuclear submarine and a state of the art modern destroyer sunk by a French missile fired by an Argentine pilot flying a modern French attack aircraft. Well played, arms dealers. Conventional surface naval vessels were not much of a match for modern weaponry. The British had over twenty ships damaged and several sunk by the Argentine Air Force. Much of the damage was caused by bombs that hit the ships but failed to explode. Maybe Argentina should have bought a higher quality bomb? I wonder if they got their money back. What kind of warranty do you get?

ARA General Belgrano
HMS Sheffield

That was then, this is now.

Fast forward to 2015 and we have a whole series of field tests of conventional weapons going on in Syria and the Middle East. The regional arms race is in full swing with the United States and Russia playing the part of puppeteers. The US and NATO had superiority in many respects until the Russian military arrived on the scene in support of Syria. There is not much to be done now other than escalate the conflict by adding more weaponry.

This is entirely to the benefit of arms dealers and manufacturers. There is money to be made so there is no interest in cutting back on the weaponry. As I was putting my thoughts together for this blog post I came across an interesting and informative web page for “Defense One”:   .

Defense One offers up to date news on military arms developments…who needs what and why and also who is offering a solution to your military conflict problems. The news is wide ranging and we in the US don’t know much about these various conflicts. Nor do we know who is manufacturing these weapons or where they are located. Chances are that your retirement fund owns a piece of the action.