My “Never Trump” Vote Dedication

I see that there is trend developing for people to dedicate their vote to stop Donald Trump…their “Never Trump” vote… to someone or some ideal or value that his presidency would put in jeopardy.

In my case, I dedicate my “Never Trump” vote to my wonderful daughter who brings life values and learning to so many children as a children’s librarian. Her dedication to her work in a relatively low income and mixed bilingual Hispanic community in Albuquerque’s South Valley is an inspiration to me and others. Her encounters with small children asking whether Trump will make them and their families leave the country is heartbreaking.

I would further dedicate my vote to the thousands of Hispanic families living in my community who work hard in a challenging economy and strive every day to raise happy, bright and healthy children. I’ve never lived in a community that is so family oriented and it is a very positive thing when there are negative forces in society trying to pull families apart. Many, or most, of these families have been living here in New Mexico since the 1600s. Many of those worried children’s families have been here for generations before Trump  was  born.


(Dia de la Muerte, Marigold Parade…South Valley)




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