The Pornography of Donald Trump

          Try as he will, he can’t stop looking. There is something forbidden yet strangely appealing about it. It goes against almost everything he learned at an early age. It is counter to what she once thought of herself. It is like the curious lure of pornography and the Trump supporter can’t look away. Donald Trump has a strange and pornographic lure. It is not so much the outward message as it is the inner thrill of hearing, or thinking that one hears, something that appeals to the darkest emotions. Trump grants permission to go to that place and live there. Trump, of course will deny it but continues unabated.
          Then there is the “us against them” lure…a hook that catches the Trump supporter like a fish being snagged in the sea. Then, once caught, they are reeled in with an appealing line of whoppers. The falsehoods first appeal like a forbidden dessert and then eventually become the bread and butter of a distorted belief system.
          Trump becomes the thing that granted and sustains the release of the darkness, fear and hatred that skulked hidden like a cinder in the human heart. Not to worry…Trump will make it all better. It is almost like a mantra. Maybe, for some, it’s more like a painkiller or release of endorphins to accept Donald Trump as their personal guardian and guide through the perceived world of unfairness and danger that surrounds them. They are enchanted by the message…that which once was, is no more and Trump will make it right. Never mind the lack of detail or precision on what exactly was lost or what exactly Trump will do to make things better. It is a cultish allegiance to a self-made prophet. David Koresh and Jim Jones worked a similar magic in religion but Trump stays in the realm of politics and social behavior. We have seen other facets of this same dazzling gem at other times and in other parts of the world and it never turns out well.
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