Discovering Places: Coronado and Kuaua

Brick and Stone: Architecture and Preservation

John Gaw Meem was the architect largely responsible for what people think of as Southwestern or Santa Fe style. Spend time in the American Southwest and you will probably see one or two Meem buildings and many examples of what became known as Pueblo Revival style. This is not a post about John Gaw Meem — there is plenty of information out there on his career and accomplishments. This post is about just one of his public buildings now in its 76th year.

Coronado Historic Site

About fifteen miles north of Albuquerque, in the town of Bernalillo, you will find the Coronado Historic Site on the west side of the Rio Grande.  The preserved Kuaua pueblo ruin is often incorrectly cited as the location of the Conquistador Coronado’s base of operations and winter camp during his expedition of 1540-42. He certainly knew of the place but we know now that he set up…

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