Among the Ancients – Acoma

Brick and Stone: Architecture and Preservation


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAcoma Pueblo — “The Sky City” — is possibly the longest occupied place in America. There are other contenders, Taos Pueblo up north or the Hopi pueblos over in Arizona are also extremely old in the context of occupied Native American communities. Each of the three communities are unique in their location and position in the landscape…set almost like a jewel..  Archaeological evidence shows that people were living on the mesa top at Acoma 2,000 years ago. The existing pueblo dates back at least 800 years. Acoma is particularly accessible and the people welcome tourists and are happy to provide a guided tour of the mesa-top pueblo.  Acoma, the word, can be translated to “A place always prepared”. Accessibility is a relative term…The pueblo sits on top of a 350 foot mesa.

Interstate 40 passes close enough to entice visitors to the tribal visitor center. There is also the Sky City…

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