Driving Miss Mary [Colter]— Part One

Brick and Stone: Architecture and Preservation

Not being otherwise occupied, I have fallen into the habit of taking a week or ten days in the winter and going on a road trip. This is usually between Thanksgiving and Christmas so I guess this is actually late fall but it usually feels like winter. This year I decided to take a week or so and go to Flagstaff, Arizona, making stops along the way or side trips that present themselves. Road trips in the winter are sometimes an adventure, depending on the weather. If conditions turn bad and I run headlong into a blizzard I might find myself spending the day in a truck stop with fifty or sixty truck drivers, a stranded Baptist Church choir or a busload of Chinese tourists. The possibilities are endless. The weather seemed reasonable on this trip…seasonal but not too bad. There was a chance of snow but temperatures were up into the 30s…

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