The Self-Discovered Victim

You might recall in “The Charlie Brown Christmas” where Lucy, in her psychiatrist booth, tries to diagnose Charlie Brown’s phobia. It seems to be free advice, she never gets paid for her psychiatric care. She runs through a list of various phobias and Charlie settles on Pantophobia…the fear of everything.

We are getting lots of free advice these days on who or what we should fear.

  • Fear climate change…or worse, fear those who are sounding the alarm about climate change. Bury your head in the sand while you still can!!
  • Fear Muslims or anyone who you think might be a Muslim. Don’t fall for those claims that only a small minority are militants…
  • Fear those illegal immigrants because they want something that is rightfully yours. The Indians should have thought of that and where I live, the Spanish/Mexicans as well but it’s too late for them. See what happens?
  • Fear the legal immigrants…don’t stop with the illegals. They want my job and my house and my town and probably my kids.
  • Fear anyone who is not the same shade of skin color. I don’t need to tell you why…just do it.
  • Fear people with tattoos, skin piercings, shaved heads, bushy hair, and guys with ponytails or braids….especially if they are in a public place or walking down the street or (Heaven forbid!) on a motorcycle.
  • Fear the homeless. There must be a reason why they are homeless… drugs or alcohol, right? Gambling? Disease?
  • Ditto the mentally ill.  Probably payback for something.
  • Fear the terrorists. They are everywhere and just waiting for the right time to attack.
  • Fear the Gays…oops, almost forgot.
  • Fear the Cops…this is a new one, recently added….still working on the reasoning but go ahead and fear them anyway.
  • Fear liberals, progressives, labor unions, commies, and socialists because they are all sympathetic toward all the other categories on this list, with the possible exception of the Cops.

We, of course, should not fear the ones who are telling us this stuff. They always have our best interests in mind. Some of us are surely blind and can’t see the truth in what they are telling us but if it is repeated over and over like a mantra we all will be okay. This is kind of like the old Hare Krishna mantra sung on street corners years ago (OMG! The Hare Krishnas!).  If you remember, we were (supposedly) elevated and made stronger by hearing or repeating the mantra. Fear mongering seems to be the same principle but is operating in reverse.

There are, probably, a few things we should fear but they rarely make the list…poor education, childhood cancer, etc.

All of these popular fears, promoted by various religious or politically motivated interest groups or extreme wingers generate victims. It is very popular to be a victim these days. When “they” moved into the neighborhood we became a victim.  When “they” built a mosque it was a horrible thing to behold. We can’t walk down the street because of the homeless or the counter-culture people are there. Obama did it to me. The government won’t let me do what I want.  Gays are lurking everywhere — you can’t be too careful. We can’t go to movies (or…?) anymore because someone might be a terrorists or a mass killer. It’s the progressives fault.

One encounters the self-discovered victim on various internet forums or on social media.  They are on call-in talk radio and sometimes on TV. They seem to hangout in places where they can find other self-discovered victims and reinforce their victimhood. Of course, victims need protection. This is obvious by their mere status as victims. As usual, the NRA is always available to help. Everyone needs a weapon. Concealed weapons will help a little but open carrying weapons is much better. We also need a strong leader. We need someone who is vocal and can tell it like it is. Someone who isn’t afraid to offend those whiners and sympathizers.  We need someone who can lock up those other people or, better yet, stomp the bejesus out of them.

Then things will get better….you know, like they used to be.


     *     *     *


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