Procrastination and New Mexico Time


We are now past the Ides of August and heading into a new season. The monsoon season is still with us but should be winding down. The kids are back at school in many if not most places. Vacations are winding down. I’ve been procrastinating with just about everything this summer and haven’t managed to get anything done. With my recent birthday I took a few minutes to consider how much I haven’t been living up to my activity plan. I moved here two years ago with the intention of becoming more active and getting out and about more. Instead I’ve been going the other direction. Part of that was my crazy affliction and reaction to the statin drug I was taking. That is mostly gone so I can’t blame that anymore.

I have a house project that has been going on for a year. I enclosed a portion of my rear ‘portal’ (AKA a porch if you are not from NM) and turned it into a sunroom/dayroom/office/whatever room. It is a bright and cheery place and I enjoy being there….maybe too much. I lost whatever momentum I had to get the job done. The new room had only one electric receptacle since it was once an outside space. I had extension cords and surge protectors running around the wall as well as the satellite cable TV cord and it looked like spaghetti so I decided to do something about it. Or, maybe I would contact an electrician and see about maybe doing something about it. Well, I called an electrician on Monday to see about getting two additional receptacles put in. I figured, this being New Mexico, the electrician would maybe be able to come by the end of the week or maybe next week.  I remember that it took me three different attempts to get a plumber to come to the house last year and two didn’t return my calls.  But, Holy Smoke, the electrician was available and coming Tuesday morning at 9 AM…the next day! I was in shock.

Well, he and his buddy showed up on Tuesday before 9 AM and had the job done by 11 AM. It was well done and looks great and they cleaned up everything before they left. It was inspirational. One phone call and in less than 18 hours the job was done. How can this be???

My next task is to get the brick floor laid in the room which will raise the floor slightly (a good thing) and finish off the project. I already talked to the installer guy and have the estimate for that so maybe I can get that job taken care of as well. I’ve been to the brickyard and have several possible brick colors to decide on. I think I can get this done. I’ll call him tomorrow.


There is something about New Mexico that lulls you into a sliding time management mode. “New Mexico Time” is sort of a joking way to put it but it isn’t always funny. Every day is much like the last and tomorrow will be much like today. If you expect someone to do something for you it might not happen right away…but it will get done, eventually. When I was getting the patio door installed for my new room I made the initial contact with the (well recommended) home improvement carpenter in April. It was an easy two-day job…no problem. He got it done the last week of September.

There has been a road improvement project over in Bernalillo that was supposed to be finished in November 2013 (I think) but was still going on a year later and is just recently finished. The contractor was being fined for each day he missed the deadline but that total fine would be subject to negotiation at a later date…sometime. Meanwhile, there were follow-on projects with other contractors that were to start as the first one finished but they were delayed except that sometimes they would seem to get started but then stop for a while. The projects are stretching out to be a lifetime career. By the time they get everything done it will be time to start over.

There is even a sort of casualness about obligations of work and school. This is the only place I’ve been where there are public service announcements on TV saying that it’s not cool to bail out on work or school just because you don’t feel like going today.

Maybe I’m adjusting to the local time zone in my procrastination. I need to get back on track because I have things I want to do.


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