Wednesday Roam – Sandia stroll

I spend a lot of time with my camera and will often go back to places I’ve visited on different days when the sky or other conditions seem interesting. I’ve made a few visits up to the top of Sandia Mountain — the most recent trip was this past weekend. Here are a few pictures.


No easy way to get there. You have to walk and climb for 6 hours or drive 40 miles to the road that climbs up the east side or take the tram for a 15 minute ‘flight’.

Sandia is a granite mountain with a limestone cap. The west face is the edge of the rift valley…where the Earth broke open and the Rio Grande Valley floor dropped away and the mountain rose.







The city of Albuquerque lies below the mountain and will often “photo-bomb” your pictures but it makes an interesting contrast.






The clouds were interesting. The tram cable is 1.5 inches in diameter but shows up on the picture on the right.







Wildflowers seem to spill out of cracks in the mountain. Kiwanis Cabin sits on a precarious spot.

The mountain crest is studded with communication towers that peek out over the ridge top. We have had an unusual amount of rain, thanks to El Nino, and everything is much greener than what we normally see at this time of the year. Hopefully we won’t have too much of a fire season.

The “back side” looking east. The east side has a gentler slope and is much more wooded.




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