The Wolf at the Door

It snowed last night and it has been snowing today for almost ten hours and hasn’t shown signs of stopping.  It isn’t heavy…just persistent. Much of it will melt tomorrow but we have to get through the night and it’s about 16 degrees out there in the dark.

I have no interest in going out when it’s like this. I didn’t even walk out to the mailbox today. I peer out the windows from time to time…nobody is out.

Nobody except the local Coyote pack. They either really like the snow or really hate it…I can’t tell but they are very vocal about it. They are out in the driveway about twenty-five feet from the house howling and singing at the top of their lungs. These are big guys. They look like German Shepherds but are a little shorter and have bushy tails, like a fox. They probably aren’t as big as they look because they have heavy winter coats but they seem like they have been well fed. I turned the porch light on so they know that someone is here and they grudgingly went across the road to wait for me to turn off the light. They are still out there somewhere. My indoor cat is a little concerned but he stays close to me and figures nothing is going to disturb his peace.

Coyotes are very bold this year. I saw one carrying off somebody’s Shih Tzu a few weeks ago. This is Coyote land and we just trespass on it as far as they are concerned. The three guys out in the yard run together and are pretty good at what they do and seem to look at us humans as a nuisance more than a threat. They probably have a family somewhere. I saw them heading home one morning crossing the road. They were out in morning traffic but it didn’t seem to be a problem. Their boldness and frequent appearances don’t seem to have had any impact on the local rabbit or jackrabbit population.  We still have two or three rabbits in the yard every day. I’m used to seeing Coyote tracks around the house and they come up to the garage door for some reason. This is about the closest that they have been in a singing group. These are desert dwellers and they are usually active in the daylight when it is cold and hunker down somewhere at night then reverse their habit when the weather warms up. I guess I hope they like the snow because that’s what they have to deal with tonight.

Across the valley



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