Wednesday Roam — Motherhood

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI took a couple hours and visited the Albuquerque Zoo a few days ago. It was a nice day and not too warm or too cool and a little bit cloudy. Apparently those are the best conditions for the animals to out and active because everyone was up and roaming around their (too) little enclosures. The Hippos were in and out of the water and doing slow lumbering re-entries into the pool. They usually seem to stay in the water but not that day. The Giraffes and Zebras were all parading around. The Tree Kangaroo was as busy as he could be. The Tasmanian Devils were busy. Only the Cheetahs were back in their usual cuddling position…it was close to Valentines Day, after all.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Chimpanzees have a pair of newcomers. Elaine, the 38-year-old momma chimp, gave birth to twins back in November. There might be eight or ten chimps in the “community” by now. Elaine was out walking around with both of her babies clutched to her breast but clearly wanted to show them off. She methodically approached several other chimps but they showed no interest or turned their back and ignored her and the babies.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHer next plan was to take the babies around to all of the visitor viewing areas so the zoo visitors could see her twins. She methodically made the rounds to each of the viewing spots where the visitors congregated with cameras and appropriate ooohs and aaahs as she paused and showed off her babies.



Apparently baby chimps cry just like human babies but I never actually gave it much thought before.


It might have been nap time.  Elaine looks like she might be a good mom.


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