Flamenco Night, Bernalillo, New Mexico

Once a month, on the first Saturday, a flamenco group performs in the little town of Bernalillo, New Mexico, at the Kaktus Brewing Co. They have been at it for six or eight months and have a dedicated following of fans and former dancers. Ronaldo Baca, the musician and singer, studied and experienced flamenco in Cadiz, Spain. He began performing at Kaktus simply as a solo classical guitar performer but this soon blossomed into a regular flamenco dance night with a growing number of experienced dancers including Sara de Luz and Tamara Baca.The audience is enthusiastic and some are very familiar with the dances and the music.   It is always an enjoyable evening. Kaktus is a small and intimate venue and occasionally people from the audience will get up and join in with a song or play a little classical guitar. They are known as Flamenco D’Aqui — Flamenco From Here.  Nearby Albuquerque is the home of the National Institute of Flamenco so there is considerable interest and knowledge of flamenco in this general area.


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