Wednesday Roam — Random Rambles

The year has started off with a flurry of activity. Usually this is a dull and sometimes reflective time following the holidays.  Our winter is beginning to wind down but it still holds some surprises. I’ve enjoyed the company of visitors from distant lands. I got my first iPhone.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPecos National Historic Park– I spent some time with visitors up in Santa Fe and we took a side trip to Pecos National Historic Park. It was a crisp and breezy day so we didn’t linger too long out on the trail but it was enjoyable. I need to go back in warmer weather.

This is the site of a large Indian Pueblo community east of present day Santa Fe that flourished from 1450 until the arrival of the Spanish and the Pueblo uprising in 1680. At its height there were 2,000 residents in the pueblo village.  The Spanish conquistadors passed through in 1540 and came back to colonize the area around 1600 with settlers and Franciscan missionaries. The large adobe structure is the remaining portion of the second (18th century) church built on the site. The park service has stabilized the ruin and keeps it from deteriorating.



Winter — Even though the calendar says it is January, our weather should start to get better pretty soon. December is usually our coldest month. We will have 60 degree days in a week or two. That doesn’t mean that winter is finished with us. We had two days of snowy weather in a row — unusual. Normally we get polite little snow storms that deposit an inch of snow that is gone by 2:00 in the afternoon. The streets get wet and a little slick but drivers here don’t know how to drive in snow and they had to close I-40 briefly because the inch of snow was too much for some people.  I went out and tried to get a few pictures but it was melting pretty fast.

??????????????????????OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

River of Lights — Each year Albuquerque’s Bio-Park has a holiday light display at the botanical garden. I tried to go last year but the crowds were so bad I couldn’t get close to the place. This year we went after Christmas and it wasn’t so crowded. It was a relatively warm evening and well worth the effort. This is just an example of the hundreds of lighted figures




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