New Mexico Libraries Score a Hat Trick

I’m pretty bummed out over the election results. My guys got shellaced but that’s politics. Sometimes a reversal of fortune opens up new opportunities. We shall see.

But not everything was gloom and doom in the local election results. I’m happy to report that New Mexico voters cast their votes in favor of three bond issues supporting libraries.

There was a statewide general obligation bond question on the ballot to provide $10.8 million for public, academic, public school, and tribal libraries. This measure passed with 62.9% of the votes.

Taytsugeh Oweengeh Library, Tesuque Pueblo

Bernalillo County — which is Albuquerque — had a separate ballot bond issue to provide $1.8 million for the local library system. This ballot measure passed with 74% of the vote.

Sandoval County — which is north of Albuquerque and includes Rio Rancho – had a bond issue for $3.25 million to go to fifteen public and tribal libraries. This ballot measure passed with 59.5% of the vote.

loma coloradoI live in Rio Rancho and we have two library branches with nice facilities and good collections. Other towns have their own libraries — small but very active and well supported by the residents.




Bernalillo County (and Albuquerque)  has a county-wide library system with about eighteen branches and nice facilities and collections.  There are some specialized research libraries in Albuquerque as well.



The respected Zimmerman Library on the campus of the University of New Mexico is housed in an historic building designed by famed southwestern architect John Gaw Meem


New Mexico voters seem to like their libraries. I moved here a year ago from Missouri and I can’t imagine even one of these bond issues passing in the ”Show-me State”




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