Wednesday Roam – Hello October

I have nothing much new to write so this is just a rambling status update as we go into fall. I am amazed at the calendar…how does it do that? Here we are on the threshold of Autumn wondering where the time want….how can summer desert us? I thought we were friends. Well, she’ll come crawling back…she always does.

In the meantime, I have things to do. A certain medication (a statin) I’ve been taking for almost 25 years has turned on me. The doctor ordered me off of it and now I have 8 or 9 doctor and PT appointments between now and early December. I should have complained about it earlier but I didn’t so now I need to get back on track. Statins are wonder drugs but they can mess you up if they start to have certain side effects. I’ve been off for almost a week and can tell the difference.

I have much happier things to deal with. My long awaited home improvement project is finishing up. I have a little painting and caulking to do and then it’s done….for a while. It was frustrating because everything takes so long to get started and finished. This is New Mexico…the land time forgot….or maybe the other way around. The puritan work ethic is a new concept here…everything happens on New Mexico time. I think I made my first contact for the project back in April or May. I had to call three plumbers before one would return my call and actually show up. The project is just now getting finished…it was only a two day job. But now it is done!

I pick up a good friend at the airport today…she is visiting for a week. This is Balloon Fiesta time — two weeks of craziness. She will enjoy it. We can just sit on the front porch and watch the balloons…they land all around me. My neighbor runs out and offers them coffee. Usually the morning excitement is over by 9 A M so we can do other things. There is a big art and craft show — one of the best shows in the country. The artisans come from all over but there is a western theme to most of the work.

I’m hoping to go fishing somewhere this fall. There are some good trout streams not too far away and a few trout ponds. It has been so long since I’ve been fishing that I’ll not be too picky.

My daughter moved to Albuquerque a few weeks ago with her new job…childrens’ libtarian at a local branch. We will enjoy exploring some places —I’ve been here a year but haven’t seen very much yet. She stopped by on Monday and we went out to lunch and ate too much.

Monday evening my smoke alarm went off….ear piercing noise. I couldn’t find it because the sound was coming from everywhere. There was no fire. I finally found it about 12 feet up on the living room wall — unreachable. The cat was going nuts, not sure what was going on. I had to drag the extension ladder from the garage through the house and climb up just to get close to the thing and finally unplug it to shut it up. It is hard wired but still uses a battery — which was five years old. I made a quick trip to the store for a battery and got it working again…I hope.

Aspens are turning gold up on the mountain and some of the cottonwoods in the bosque are showing color. We don’t seem to have many aspens but there will be a broad golden stripe through the city when the cottonwoods turn. It has been cool and mostly in the 70s during the day and low 50s at night. We are still getting rain…in buckets today.

With the coming of fall the great bird migrations are starting up. We are seeing bunches of geese but no cranes as yet. There will be thousands of cranes in a few weeks. I plan on heading down to Bosque del Apache refuge this year…I missed it last year.

I went down to Kaktus Brewing Saturday evening for the flamenco dancing. They will do one more Saturday and then do only a monthly performance. They have almost a full-time gig in Old Town. Some local folks joined in and did pretty good. They did a lesson in how to clap. Flamenco clapping to the music isn’t just clapping…there is a certain way to do it and a couple styles.  Who knew??

I’ll post some pictures of the balloons and maybe fall colors next nweek. Here are two from last year…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



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