Wednesday Roam — Katy Trail at Hartsburg

(I’m still preoccupied with a few things and not able to post anything new. This is a short photo blog post from the fall of 2011of a short walk on the Katy Trail in Missouri…since fall is almost here I thought this might be in season. Hartsburg is a small town on the Missouri River a short distance upstream from Jefferson City where I lived at the time.)


I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately and the Katy Trail is a great venue for taking a walk away from town — but not too far to take up even half a day. Today I met Donna, my walking partner, at Hartsburg at 8 AM in about 33 degrees of cold Fall air. We had walked each week during the Summer but ended our walking when she went back to her school job in September.

Hartsburg is a Missouri River town and a farming community that hangs on to its quaint hominess in spite of floods and the popular annual pumpkin festival that brings thousands of people to town for one weekend.  The place is changing but very slowly. My uncle and aunt lived in Hartsburg for a while back in the 1980s and some other relatives lived there a century ago and are buried in the local cemetery.

On today’s walk I ended up taking over 60 pictures. These are just a few.

We have had a very pretty Fall but we are about to lose the color as it all fades into brown.
(Katy Trail is one of the longest ‘rail to trail’ conversions in the country running from St. Charles, Missouri to Sedalia, Missouri. It runs along side the Missouri River for much of this distance)

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