At a Loss for Words….#1 Trip to Cabezón Peak

My world is suddenly very busy and I’m not finding time to write or even think about writing much. Still, I need to keep at it….right? So…since a picture is worth a thousand words…I’m reposting some blog posts from my other photo blog: I Spy With My Little Eye from BlogSpot.   Once things get settled (I’m moving my daughter and trying to get her settled in a new city and a new job) I’ll get back to new blog posts. I’m sure there will be several of these photo blog posts.


Trip to Cabezón Peak

Cabezón Peak is an old volcanic plug that is visible for miles in the north-central area of New Mexico. The mountain rises to 7,785 feet and is about 2,000 feet above the surrounding area.  Cabezón is Spanish for ‘Head’ or maybe “Pigheaded”. It is quite similar to Devil’s Tower up un Wyoming. There is a ghost town not far from the base of the mountain.

I’ve been wanting to go see it up close and my daughter, Jill, and I drove out to visit it — about an hour drive. The area is an old volcanic field with many smaller features clearly visible for several miles. We climbed most of the way up to the base of the plug — a vertical basalt monolith — but didn’t try to do the entire hike around the peak. The peak is climbable but with great difficulty and some special technical equipment may be needed.  We were not interested in that.

So here are some pictures we took on the trip….we were the only people there.

The road to Cabezon — it gets much worse


A trail goes around the vertical basalt plug
once you climb up the terrace – a
steep and treacherous climb.


A smaller volcanic plug in the distance


View from the shoulder of the peak — lots of volcano relics



Coming back down


We were being watched


Toro! Toro!  This is open range


Heading back home  

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