Xantico’s Daughters


This place is fire born —

of riven stone and sulfur –

smoke and flying ash.


Xantico’s daughters,

Vulcan’s spawn – the Three Sisters

bide their time alone.



Visitors are few.

Unnoticed, they bear witness

and will keep secrets.



Only the soft breeze

and solitary footsteps

disturb the quiet.


“Who is this pilgrim?

What quest brings you here today?”

I come seeking peace.


This desert, blessed by

rain from the south, is transformed.

Once brown, but now green.


This place of beauty

is now dressed in flowers but

just for a few days.




“A place of beauty?

…Ah, yes – we remember you.

You’ve been here before.”




I will be quiet.

I will not disturb your rest.

Your secrets are safe.




Volcanoes Trilogy


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